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Join the SNBA

If you're an independent business in N16 and would like to join the Stoke Newington Business Association (SNBA), please apply below.

Membership costs just £60 per year. Your membership fee supports our ongoing efforts to increase local trade, the maintenance of this website and enables us to run community events. We will regularly share our members' Instagram posts on our See you in Stokey feed and will strive to feature member businesses on our news pages.

Be part of a growing network of businesses working together to keep Stokey thriving! 

Members will be invited to attend the Annual General Meeting to help plan events, improvements to the area and more. You can get involved as much or a little as you like. 

If you have any questions please email

Current SNBA Members:

Acoustic Brasserie
Archie Foal 
Array Store
Askew Opticians
Auld Shillelagh
Beaucatcher Salon
Bridgewood & Neitzert
Dog Snug
Dot Dot
Earlybird Designs
Evergreen & Outrageous
GK Locksmiths
Grenville Fire Protection
Growing Communities
Hackney Outdoors
Kitchen Provisions
Knit with Attitude
Know and Love
La Rosetta
Lesley McShea
Local Buyers Club
Location Location
London Bike Studio
Luminary Bakery
Made in Little France
Mascara Bar
Meat N16
Metal Crumble
Michael Naik
Mildmay Club
N16 Flowers
Next Move
Old Fire Station
One Life Personal Traning
Premier Cars
Rainbow Glass
Revere the Residence
Rude Studios
Safedale Pharmacy
Sam's Cars
Sapid Coffee
Sonia Taouhid
Sophie MacBain
Spence Bakery
Stoke Newington Bookshop
Stokey PopUp
Sutton & Sons
T J Electrics
The Ark
The Clarence
The Good Egg
The Little Wine Shop
The Old Church
The Parlour
13th Floor Coffee
Three Crowns
Tower Theatre
Truffle Burger

SNBA Committee Members 2024


Chair - Heidi Early, Earlybird

Vice Chair - Lei Yang, Rouge

Treasurer - Vicky Bibiris, Location Location

Secretary - Jenna Fansa, Local Buyers Club

Police & security rep - Holly Wilson, Prep

Pub rep - Maggie, Mascara Bar

Membership - Basil Fansa, Local Buyers Club

Restaurant rep - Erjon Likcani, La Rosetta

Eco rep - Helen Symonds, Kitchen Provisions

Markets rep - Kerry Rankine, Growing Communities

Maryna Fontenoy, Beaucatcher

Alina Moat, Dogsnug

Stacey Thomas, Three Crowns

Deidre Malynn, The Old Church

Carla Octigan, Shine Holistic

Paul Grout, Meat N16

Joel Braham / Alex Coppard, The Good Egg

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