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Eyes on Stoke Newington for the Invisible People Art Trail

Piper is among the artists taking part in the Invisible People Art Trail

The inaugural Invisible People Art Trail is underway in Stoke Newington with over 70 businesses displaying work between now and July 10.

The art has been curated by Guardian cartoonist Henny Beaumont. Jo Whiley, George Alagiah and Ed Balls are among the celebrities to voice their support.

The event is showcasing the work of dozens of artists who feel invisible – they include people with Down’s Syndrome, autism, depression, people from the LGBTQ+ community, those with serious illnesses such as ME, a photographer from Ukraine, an artist with an eating disorder and young people with special needs.

Organiser Kate Revere of Revere the Residence, said: “The artists are so excited to see their work on display – there’s a real buzz in Stoke Newington and it has been wonderful to work in partnership with so many local traders to make this happen.”

Atlas Grinds are among the businesses taking part in the Invisible People Art Trail

Huge pictures are on display in shop, restaurant and pub windows throughout the neighbourhood and prints are available to buy online or at Rouge or Revere the Residence. Children at Stormont House School have worked with artist Brigit Connolly to produce plates and mugs which are being sold in Know & Love.

Profits from the sale of art is going to the artists. Some have gifted the proceeds to the Stoke Newington Business Association to help fund next year’s event.

Kate Revere and Henny Beaumont

Henny, whose 21-year-old daughter Beth has Down’s Syndrome, said: “The Art Trail is a celebration of these people’s abilities, an opportunity to make people feel visible and for their artwork to be seen. It’s an appreciation of difference.”

We See You: Invisible People Art Trail launches in Stoke Newington

Overnight huge chalk drawings have also appeared in the neighbourhood – giant eyes and the words ‘We See You’ painted on walls, pavements and the roads.

Check out the Invisible People Art Trail and order prints at


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