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We're striving to make Stoke Newington more accessible.  

During daylight hours the best disabled toilets in the area can be found at Clissold House (at the end of the house nearest to the tennis courts or on the middle floor - access via a lift). The St Mary's Centre (at the back of St Mary's Church) also has brilliant accessible loos.

When the improvements are complete at Abney Park (Spring 2023) there'll be accessible loos at that end of town too.

wheelchair yellow_edited.png

Look out for this symbol throughout this website for information on which local businesses and venues are accessible by wheelchair.

Shops & Salons

Most of Stoke Newington's shops are accessed via the ground floor. Some have a small step, others offer ramps.  In this guide to Stoke Newington we've strived to only label a shop as wheelchair-accessible if the step is low enough to manage or there's a ramp and if the aisles are wide enough to wheel a good-sized wheelchair. Some stores extend into the basement and these areas aren't accessible for wheelchair users. In these instances staff are happy to bring stock upstairs for you to view.

Girl in Wheelchair
Team spirit_edited.jpg
Team spirit_edited.jpg

Cafes, Pubs & Restaurants

In this guide the pubs, restaurants and cafes labelled as wheelchair accessible are those with no step (or a small step low enough to manage) or those with a ramp. We've also only marked an eatery as accessible if their toilet facilities are accessible too. 

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