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New gallery opens on Church St

Some of London’s most exciting artists are among those featured in a new gallery in Stoke Newington.

It’s all change for the team at Archie Foal who have closed the clothing side of the business and relaunched as an art gallery selling limited edition contemporary prints by the likes of Dan Hillier, street artist Donk and screen-prints by Red Belly Boy as well as sculpture.

Julian Turner in the gallery with Tessa's daughter Honor

Art at Archie Foal is run by Tessa Weale, who studied at Central St Martins College of Art and Julian Turner who worked for Versace and Ralph Lauren. They met when Tessa was an intern at Julian’s fashion agency and became firm friends.

Tessa said: “I am very proud of what we did with the clothes but we came up against some really tough times. This move into an art gallery is a nice segue. It’s a wonderful space for art – there are lots of higgledy-piggledy walls and little nooks and beams which we can hang things from.

Tessa Weale of Art@ArchieFoal

“I love that with a collection of art we can always keep it fresh and interesting – we’ll rehang every six weeks so there will always be something different to see here.

“Hackney is a very special place for art – it’s culturally at the fore. People are telling us Stoke Newington has needed this for ages. I hope our gallery will help draw people to the area.”

Art at Archie Foal can also offer framing if needed. Tessa’s partner used to run a framing business, so they’re well-placed to advise.

Tessa added: “When we decided to re-launch as a gallery, we had a hit list of artists – some from the Print Club in Dalston and lots who we’d admired for a long time. The artists whose work we’re displaying are already well established, others are becoming more well-known. The pieces are all limited edition.”

The entry price is £50 for a small unframed print and there are bigger pieces for around the £150 bracket. Most of the artists have a connection to East London.

Archie Foal first opened in Stoke Newington in 2018 selling heritage clothing and casual wear.

Keeping Tessa company in the store are her two Dachshunds Hector and Horace.


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